BeeezCrowd is one of the Most Trusted Crowdfunding Platform globally

BeeezCrowd brings all the opportunities to Micro -SMEs to raise funds and start their projects.  Whether you have a creative project or an existing project the best platform that leads your business and makes it grow.

We are here to help you.

How it works

If you are a Micro or SME and have a business idea that works. hen you are ready to bring your creative project to life.

we will help you to make it real. Our team will guide you to complete your business idea and start a campaign.

Once you registered and start a campaign, investors who believe in your idea will come and invest money based on shares.

Our approach is easy, flexible, and can be worked in a very nice way.

You will obtain your funding quickly, just follow our instructions and we will help you to achieve your goals,

Project by project, we’re changing the way new ideas come to life.

You can easily create your account with BeeezCrowd, it takes from you a few minutes to fill the form and join our community.

Start a project

Once you create an account with us, you are ready now to write all the details about your idea and project. You can create a promo video, post details, write anything about the project, and start your campaign.

Get your dreams funded

Once you have created the campaign, your campaign will be checked and verified. You are ready now to receive investment from our network of investors. The campaign will be active until you reach the amount you want or the campaign duration time is accomplished.

Now, you are ready to launch your project and enjoy the dream.

Frequently asked questions

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Who can Invest?

As an investor, you may contribute to any Micro or SME project (if you believe in), this could be one share or hundred shares

How do I make an investment?

Join our investor’s network and register with us for free, then you can obtain shares in any crowdfunding campaign that you like.

What is the minimum investment?

You can obtain shares by invest as little as 1 JOD/ $1


The BeeezCrowd platform charges an 8% fee for administrative and technical services from the total amount raised for each crowdfunding campaign. That said, choose carefully and you might make a very large gain. The best way to maximize your chances of getting a good return on equity crowdfunding is to make sure you’re in touch with all the best opportunities on the market.