• The platform does not collect fees from the investor in case he invests by contributing to a company’s funding campaign in exchange for obtaining a share in the form of shares in the companies or campaigns offered on the platform No charge fees is required from
  • The platform collects fixed fees of 8% of the value of the collected funding, as described in the (contract) in case of launching the funding campaigns by companies.


  • In case of cancellation/reduction of the investment volume and according to the policy described, which will be returned to the investor’s wallet 42% of the value of each investment unit (the value of one share) that is cancelled/returned and includes bonus shares, the platform will receive an 8% cancellation/reduction fee, and a 50% will be transferred to the wallet of the company’s campaign as a fee for obtaining two bonus shares in exchange for each share invested with and that was granted to the investor who exercised his right to cancel/reduce the investment volume.


  • if the funding campaign is for an idea or a project and the company is not legally registered and established at the end of the funding campaign, the platform must be provided with an indication of the company’s legal registration before transferring the amount of funding achieved to the company within a period of not more than 21 days, otherwise, the company’s funding campaign will be considered cancelled and the funds funded will be returned to investors (the second party) and the certificates of ownership of shares issued to investors will be cancelled after deducting financial fees for the platform against the administrative procedures of the funding process cancelled estimated at 8% of the funding amount collected.