Share Success by investing in creative companies

BeeezCrowd makes it easy to discover, invest, and share in the success of a business. As an investor, you can obtain shares in many Micro – SMEs companies by raising funds and share success.

Two Shares For Every Share

BeeezCrowd platform awards the investor two shares for every share in any crowdfunding campaign as gratitude from the fundraisers and an expression of their thanks to the investors and a desire to encourage investors and support Micro – SMEs projects

BeeezCrowd makes it easy to discover, invest and share in the success of a business.

1. Discover

This is where your journey towards a diversified investment portfolio starts. It’s free to join and once registered you can request more information, ask questions and make your first investment.

2. Invest

You’ve discovered a business that you truly believe in and now you are ready to help them succeed. With a few clicks, you’ve made your first investment and are ready for the next step.

3. Share

The success of your investment is dependent on a community effort – Micro or SME company that needs your support. Become an active shareholder by investing a small amount in several companies.

4. Equity

Anyone can become a crowd investor. Invest as little as 1 JOD and start creating your diversified portfolio today

Today BeeezCrowd empowers everyday investors to be part of the next big thing.


Support our community projects

BeeezCrowd campaigns convert ideas into reality. It’s where creators share new visions for creative work with the communities that will come together to fund them.

Micro – SME must turn to outside sources of capital to give themselves enough runway to create a profitable business, and where that capital comes from and on what terms are questions that must be carefully weighed before a decision is made.

Lucky for micro and small companies , there is now another door that those companies can open to access capital: equity crowdfunding.

In essence, equity crowdfunding is raising capital from the crowd through the giving of Equity in the shape of shares.

Business that can be invested in

How companies make it onto BeeezCrowd

We pride ourselves on quality over quantity. BeeezCrowd endeavors to provide crowd investors with diverse and exciting investment opportunities that show the potential to succeed.

In contrast to crowdfunding in the broad, equity crowdfunding offers investors a way to obtain equity in the Micro – SMEs that they are crowdfunding. Investors in equity crowdfunding rounds get a share of the action, owning a portion of the company that they invest in.
Invest in an equity crowdfunding campaign and you’ll get a share of future dividends and enjoy capital appreciation too. In other words, once a company is sold or goes public investors will get paid for their share. Stand to gain if the company has grown in valuation.

A Unique Way to Invest

While there are other ways to acquire equity in companies, equity crowdfunding is unique in that investors can buy shares in very small increments. And, while anyone can buy small amounts of shares, equity crowdfunding allows individual investors to buy equity in micro and small companies that are a long way from listing on the stock market.

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Frequently asked questions

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Who can Invest?

As an investor, you may contribute to any Micro or SME project (if you believe in), this could be one share or hundred shares

How do I make an investment?

Join our investor’s network and register with us for free, then you can obtain shares in any crowdfunding campaign that you like.

What is the minimum investment?

You can obtain shares by invest as little as 1 JOD/ $1

Risk Warning 

Companies that list on equity crowdfunding platforms are often at a very early stage, there is no guarantee that a Micro – SMEs will turn into a roaring success. As a result, investments made in equity crowdfunding are high-risk investments – you could lose your entire investment.
That said, choose carefully and you might make a very large gain. The best way to maximize your chances of getting a good return on equity crowdfunding is to make sure you’re in touch with all the best opportunities on the market.