Invest as little as you want

Invest as little as you want – a low minimum investment threshold allows investors to participate from as little as 1 Jod/1$. This means that investors don’t take on as much risk as they would if they were to invest a hefty amount in only one business.

 Why Investors Like to invest in Mico – SMEs:

» Potential for Return on Equity

For investors, the biggest benefit of equity crowdfunding is simply having skin in the game. Though most startups fail, partially or totally wiping out early investors, many go on to succeed. And a few, achieve stunning growth and end up dominating their markets.

» Accredited Investor Status

For many prospective equity crowdfunding investors, accreditation remains a significant obstacle to full participation. Though non-accredited investors are permitted to participate in equity crowdfunding campaigns with few limitations, many equity crowdfunding platforms remain closed to the general public.

» Liquidity

Equity crowdfunding is a business model where investor obtains shares in Micro – SMEs. Unlike shares in publicly traded companies, these shares, for the most part, can’t be sold in the public. Even if the company you’ve invested in survives and thrives, you’re likely to wait years to see a return on your equity crowdfunding investment.

Micro – SME must turn to outside sources of capital to give themselves enough runway to create a profitable business, and where that capital comes from and on what terms are questions that must be carefully weighed before a decision is made.

Lucky for micro and small companies, there is now another door that those companies can open to access capital: equity crowdfunding. In essence, equity crowdfunding is raising capital from the crowd through the giving of Equity in the shape of shares.

Canceling / reducing investment

  • BeeezCrowd platform allows canceling the investor’s contribution to any effective crowdfunding campaign, and this is done by submitting an electronic request through the platform to cancel or reduce the investment, as the request is accepted in the event that there are other investors in the crowdfunding campaign, with no more than the number of shares or the size of the investment.
  • The role in accepting applications is arranged in order of First In First Out,


  • Canceling/reducing the investor’s contribution applicable to the bonus shares with the same refund amount.

BeeezCrowd is the one and only platform that rewards investors  with two bonus shares for each invested share

as gratitude from the fundraisers and an expression of their thanks to the investors and a desire to encourage investors and support Micro – SMEs projects


BeeezCrowd provide free registration

BeeezCrowd platform doesn’t charge fees for investors.

Investors could be anyone who can contribute or invest in any company with small amounts.

You can invest as little as 1 JOD/ $1

Refund Amount