BeeezCrowd is the one and only platform that rewards investors with two bonus shares for each invested share


as gratitude from the fundraisers and an expression of their thanks to the investors and a desire to encourage investors and support Micro – SMEs projects

  • BeeezCrowd provides free registration
  • BeeezCrowd platform doesn’t charge fees for investors.
  • Investors could be anyone who can contribute or invest in any company with small amounts.
  • You can invest as little as 1 JOD/ $1
  • BeeezCrowd platform allows canceling the investor’s contribution and applicable to the bonus shares – the refund amount will be 42% of the share value


About us

We are passionate about culture, social communities, and entrepreneurship. We like everything that makes a big difference in our country, projects large and small that somehow influence our community.

Meet creative people who have interesting proposals can shape the future of us and change the face of our countries.

However, many times, ideas of great quality or innovation, that could change our lives, do not go forward because of the lack of funds or even because of the obstacles that we face to get a bank loan or financing through incentive laws.

Loans are not the best solutions for our community, especially when your business fails! We work for a long time on generating a new idea that puts your business and project on the safe side and makes investors feel comfortable when projects fail or experiencing high risk.

BeezCrowd provides a good solution based on equity crowdfunding.

The approach is investors receive a stake or shares in a Micro or SMEs company in return for their investment, where a large network of investors receives shares in Micro – SMEs projects.

That is why we decided to launch in Jordan, while we provide our services globally. We developed our platform as the most dynamic and complete crowdfunding platform.

As an investor you may contribute to any Micro or SME project (if you believe in), this could be one share or hundred shares.

As a Micro or SMEs company, you have to create an account at our platform, create a campaign to attract investors, prepare your marketing and business pitch. Then you will find investors come and invest in your project.

BeeezCrwod harnesses the power of social networks and the internet to give people the means to raise funds, help others overcome hardship, and meet aspirational goals. With BeeezCrowd, you can help a friend or help an entire community. In the end, you will get the investment you need and investors find new opportunities to invest in.

Why us

funding your business

BeeezCrowd simplifies funding your business so you can get back to growing it.

Simplification in finance

Whether you are a Micro company or SME company looking for a seed or large equity round, or an investor, our ever-evolving platform will help you get there.

creative platform

BeeezCrowd is a creative platform where investors and Micro or SMEs businesses meet to create innovative projects


as gratitude from the fundraisers and an expression of their thanks to the investors and a desire to encourage investors and support Micro – SMEs projects

Our Commitment and Focus

BeeezCrowd provides a solid platform that matches investors with Micro and SMEs companies such as people who have new creative ideas, or small projects who want to raise funds.

BeeezCrowd does not participate in any substantive or confidential discussions with investors about companies or partake in any transactions that may result. We focus on creating the best marketplace and platform for Micro and SMEs companies by offering our resources to empower and fuel the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Like any community, we believe that providing our services in a professional way makes us distinctive and makes our work remarkable. Our staff is professionals and experts who are ready to help and assist both Micro – SMEs and investors to do their work in the best way.

We take feedback from our customers to improve our services and keep our high-quality work. Based on our analysis and measurements, we are ready always to improve ourselves and enhance our platform.

In contrast to crowdfunding in the broad, equity crowdfunding offers investors a way to obtain equity in the Micro – SMEs that they are crowdfunding. Investors in equity crowdfunding rounds get a share of the action, owning a portion of the company that they invest in.
Invest in an equity crowdfunding campaign and you’ll get a share of future dividends and enjoy capital appreciation too. In other words, once a company is sold or goes public investors will get paid for their share. Stand to gain if the company has grown in valuation.